Kirkmayer® REACTRINA® Technology

Our patent-pending Kirkmayer® REACTRINA® technology mirrors the human immune system and generates Hypochlorous Acid (HCIO) under specific electrochemical conditions using a combination of water, salt, and electricity to fight viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.

A unique design for a unique process

At the core of the process is the Kirkmayer® patent-pending REACTRINA® technology. By combining the inner Conical Cell with our outer coaxial eletrochemica cell has created a new and revolutionary technology breakthrough in the field of electrochemistry technology:

Compare System Generator Cell Technology
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ULTRA-PURE Anolyte | Low Chloride Residual

Our patent-pending Kirkmayer® REACTRINA® technology allows for the production of ULTRA-PURE Hypochlorous Acid, ensuring probably the lowest Chlorides residual in the market, 192 mg/l at 200ppm FAC (pH 7,1)