Better protect your residents from toxic chemicals and use an all-natural, virus-killing solution!

With Hypochlorous Acid, you can disinfect rooms within minutes instead of hours! There's no need to transport your patients to a different area as it is safe to use around people and food.

    Why Are Nursing Homes Using Hypochlorous Acid to Disinfect Their Rooms?

    The chemicals used to disinfect nursing homes can be toxic. YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

    Non-toxic - All natural, virus killing spray used to clean a surface


    Patient-friendly - A Doctor Wearing a Face Shield while taking care of a patient


    Safe on Skin and Around Food - Older woman at a nursing home wearing pink while sitting in a chair

    Safe on Skin and Around Food

    Powerful Solution that Kills Viruses - Someone using a virus killing disinfectant on a door

    Powerful Solution that Kills Viruses

    Cleaner disinfecting a building a door

    Hospital-grade Disinfectant

    Hypochlorous Acid

    What Is The Science Behind This Virus Killing Substance

    Fogging can have the benefit of covering larger areas.

    Hand-held foggers allow a person to “sweep” high-touch points.

    Spraying and fogging deliver HOCl droplet sizes ranging from 5 to 100 microns, ideal for disinfecting.

    Takes 3-5 minutes to cover up to 1,500 sq. ft.

    Nursing Home Residents and Staff Matter - Disinfect with Hypochlorous Acid Now

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