One device, multiple
radiofrequency treatments

Expect more.

Every new device is expected to be better than the last, capable of more. This applies to all markets – domestic, industrial and medical. That is why F Care Systems has developed the brand new MedRF4000® – the world’s first device that solely utilises radiofrequency and which can be used to treat every conceivable condition which responds to radiofrequency energy.

If you are interested in offering the most advanced techniques, then the MedRF4000® is for you. The principle of thermocoagulation guarantees an effective intervention in just a few minutes – it is safe, reliable, adaptable and minimises complications for your patient.

More treatments.

Expand your treatment range across many specialties. The MedRF4000® is a smart all-in-one generator to which you can connect a host of unique, proprietary disposables, depending on which condition you wish to treat. Future proof upgradability – as new applications are developed, upgrades will be released. All it takes is a simple software installation. Once installed, one can switch between treatments with a simple tap on the touchscreen.

One device for multiple treatments: MedRF4000® is guaranteed to be a cost-effective investment for hospitals and clinics, providing their abdominal surgeons, proctologists, colorectal and vascular surgeons with a complete treatment package.

  • Telangiectasia
  • Varicose veins
  • Saphenous veins
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Anal fistulas
Currently, the MedRF4000® is able to treat conditions such as:
  • Telangiectasia
  • Collateral and perforating veins
  • Saphenous veins
  • Haemorrhoids
  •  Anal fistulas

More information.

The MedRF4000® supports practitioners during the treatment by providing real-time information. This means they remain in complete control and can inform the patient as to progress. The device guides them through the procedure from start to finish, ensuring a successful treatment.

In response to feedback from medical professionals, F Care Systems designed a new vertical colour display. The interface is very extensive, yet intuitive. The tilted touchscreen with nightshift mode ensures impeccable clarity, even in dark operating theatres, and is easily operated even whilst wearing sterile gloves

More time.

The MedRF4000® saves time for the practitioner and for the patient, allowing more treatments per session. Waiting lists can be eradicated.

Most radiofrequency treatments can be undertaken as an outpatient procedure without general anaesthetic and with no need for a hospital admission, often requiring only a local anaesthetic and minimum after-care. The patient can quickly return to his or her daily activities.

All treatment data, including settings, energy used and time taken, is safely stored in the system’s memory which can be easily retrieved using a USB data stick. This makes the transfer of information to the patients file, and subsequent follow-up, a lot easier. When a new treatment option is to be added to the system, we simply install the software upgrade without any downtime.

More flexibility.

The MedRF4000® adapts to the needs of your practice and patients. Adding new treatment options is fast and easy. You simply call us for a free software installation. You only pay for the new disposables.

The settings are flexible as well. For each treatment, you select the pre-configured settings or you can adjust the settings manually. You are in control. In most cases, it’s ‘plug and play’.

In addition, the MedRF4000® is a compact and portable device – useful for when it is needed in various venues or for when it needs to be stored away when not required.

More comfort.

Thermocoagulation is proven to be safe and efficient, without
causing significant collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.
The unique shape of the radio waves avoids overheating and
thus reduces the possibility of intra or post operative pain.
The foot pedal operation provides for total control, creating
instant temperature changes.


Risks are minimal.
A local anaesthetic is sufficient, maintaining comfort for the
patient during and after the procedure. Cessation of
symptoms occurs soon after treatment, with minimal risk
of post operative pain or other complications, and without
the need for a hospital stay.

More potential.

The MedRF4000® is a futureproof investment to provide treatments which are constantly evolving. Continuous innovation by F Care Systems research and development team will provide for more and more applications and treatment options, all of which can be offered using the one device by way of a simple upgrade.

The possibilities are endless – radiofrequency is the treatment of the future.

The MedRF4000® is all about radiofrequency. Regardless of the application, this unique state of the art RF device is the only one you will ever need.

The 4 phases of thermocoagulation

Technical specifications
Dimensions H 185 mm x D 245 mm x W 252 mm
Weight ± 5 kg
Output specifications 660 V max. / 4 MHz
Input specifications 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz / 125 VA
Applied parts classification type BF
Product REF 00MEDRF4000