Detecting Lymphedema Sites Has Never Been this Easy

LymphScanner is the first handheld device to scan lymphatic fluid and measure early-onset lymphedema.

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    The LymphScanner is the only non-invasive device capable of measuring localized percentage water content (PWC) in the earliest stages of lymphedema and to track treatment-related effects in human skin. The method has utility in many conditions including after surgeries for breast cancer, gynecological cancers and melanoma. The hand-held device can assist a physician in forming a clinical judgement of lymphedema at any skin site of the body. The measurement results are displayed in seconds after applying the measurement probe on the skin surface.

    Assessment of localized increase of tissue water content is necessary for early lymphedema detection since lymphedema occurs locally in skin due to dermal backflow. Although the PWC values vary by measurement site, age, BMI and gender, the inter-arm measurement site method eliminates variations between individuals. Rapid skin scanning helps lymphologists and therapists to get spatial information on the localized and regional extent of lymphedema for planning of treatment interventions.




    The principle of operation of the hand-held fully portable LymphScanner is based on the processing of data derived from the interaction of device generated microwaves and biological material. The measured value is the tissue dielectric constant (TDC), that is converted into percentage water content (PWC), a more practical unit for clinical use. In the scanning mode, the probe, in contact with the skin, is moved from site to site.

    The LymphScanner displays the PWC of an initial reference site and calculates the ratio of any subsequent reading with respect to the PWC of the selected reference site. Easy and quick scanning of potential sites of lymphedema helps to detect regional distribution of lymphedema, previously undetectable in breast, head and neck region, thorax and genital region.

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    What Medical Professionals Are Saying About LymphScanner

    "This scanner is a valuable tool which will be very useful in our management of patients with various forms of cancer,"
    Sister Emma Diaz
    A lymphedema nurse based at Dorset County Hospital. Via Dorset Echo

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