See how the advanced technology of HindexRV® physiological monitoring can help your medical/dental practice create better patient outcomes.

​Introducing the HindexRV® is an FDA cleared cutting-edge physiological monitoring system for collecting and transmitting multiple measurements.
The HindexRV® system monitors the autonomic nervous system using accurate recordings of multiple physiological parameters and
statistical data which the clinician can use to make a clinical assessment of medical, dental, or peak performance interventions.

“How goes the heart
so goes the human body...”

Monitoring the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) by measuring
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) gives today’s practitioner the
tools to treat a patient’s overall health and performance
in real time, revolutionizing your standard of care.

HindexRV® physiological sensors, instrumentation
and computer driven programs record 2048
measurements per second, nearly ten times
the number of readings than other Heart Rate
Variability (HRV) monitoring devices available.

The clinician can access objective
measurements of ANS arousal
instead of relying on subjective
feedback from the patient.

“...and the mouth is the
gateway to improving health.”

Improve your ability to evaluate and treat:

• Airway and Breathing Disorders
• Orthodontics
• TMD Problems and Treatment
• Restorative and Implant Dentistry
• Sleep Disorders
• Chronic Pain
• Chronic Diseases
• Systemic ANS Imbalances and Inflammation
• Immune Function
• Athletic Performance
• Academic and Job Performance
• Growth and Development
• Overall Physical Health