Your business has weathered the COVID-19 storm.
What you do next will determine whether you stay afloat.

Awareness surrounding the recent coronavirus outbreak has brought the need for cleanliness in virtually every type of business to the forefront. Focus on reopening with confidence that employees, customers and guests will not be exposed to potentially deadly viral or bacterial microbials is the discussion everyone is having.

Harmful chemicals such as bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and most chemical cleaning solutions have limitations. Chlorine is toxic to humans, so it can only be sprayed or wiped using gloves, respirators and body suits, with intense scrubbing in areas away from food consumption or direct contact with skin. Most chemical cleaning solutions are equally hazardous. All of these fluids require significant storage space and can be unfriendly to the environment.

Proactive Prevention of Pathogens

Airborne Pathogens

Airborne diseases such as COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV2 novel coronavirus, are transmitted via tiny microbes small enough to be discharged from an infected person via coughing, sneezing, laughing and close personal contact; or aerosolization (spraying) of the microbe.

The CDC has explained that this is the most likely source of COVID-19 contagion. While surfaces can also have pathogens, they will likely have a shorter lifespan when the secretion to which they are attached evaporates or dries.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Anolyte disinfecting solution is a powerful antimicrobial on hard, non-porous surfaces, used for a variety of professional applications. It is also known to be effective against airborne pathogens passed by air movement or living on surfaces that could potentially cause illness to those who are most susceptible to bacteria and germs

Clean With Green

Hypochlorous Acid Molecule

Created using electrolyzed water technology, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a safe, non-toxic, natural substance created in the white cells of the human body that when duplicated by scientists, has been used as a powerful disinfectant for more than a century.

The chemical ”opposite” of chlorine bleach, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) solutions are 100x MORE POWERFUL antimicrobials than bleach as well as most conventional or industrial cleaning products. Safe to touch, they’re more than just powerful disinfectants, they are also excellent as a hand sanitizer, and can also remove biofilms and grease like nothing else.

Unlike bleach or toxic cleaning chemicals, HOCl is safe on or around humans, pets, plants and even food. That means it can be introduced to any environment by liquid or airborne means; no other chemical, bleach or antibacterial can make that claim. You can disinfect an entire room in minutes, with or without the presence of humans or food sources.

This can be a BIG advantage to any public business.

  • 100x MORE POWERFUL disinfectant than bleach, the gold standard of germ killing; an important distinction as we all try to emerge safely from quarantine
  • Kills all known dangerous pathogens, viral and bacterial, on contact with lasting protection
  • 100% SAFE non-toxic on or around humans, pets, plants and marine life
  • Organic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, all-natural; environmentally friendly
  • EPA registered as a safe and powerful disinfectant
  • Inexpensive, minimal storage space required (commercially available generators allow anyone to make it on site)
  • Proven – used in hospitals and surgical suites for more than a century

Spend less time cleaning with safer, more sanitary results. Let your business COME BACK WITH CONFIDENCE that you have gone the extra mile in cleanliness to better protect your employees and customers or patients.

Hypochlorous Acid: Your Shield from Deadly Viruses and Fungi.

The threat isn’t going away! Discover a new and deadly microbe that is taking 1.6 million lives yearly.


Smart Disinfection

Focus Treatment Solutions represents many of the world’s best companies involved in the manufacture and delivery of powerful Electrolyzed Water (HOCl) cleaning and disinfecting technology.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Anolyte and Catholyte solutions come in a variety of containers from 4 oz. lotions and sanitizers to 1qt. Spray Bottles, 1 gal. Refills, 55 gal. Drums to 275 gal. Vats with Spigots.

For very large properties (hotels, meeting halls, sports venues, shopping malls, etc.), affordable high-capacity generators are available from Focus Treatment Solutions that can be installed in-house to create your own HOCl liquids in very high quantities quickly (up to hundreds of gallons per hour), using a building’s water supply and inexpensive salt, saving these types of companies thousands in cleaning and disinfecting costs annually.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) solutions can be wiped on to hard, non-porous surfaces using sprays or liquids and a clean cloth. They can also be delivered airborne through electrostatic misting or spraying equipment with small to large reservoirs. Spray equipment is designed to “wet” a surface, allowing it to dry (usually about 10 minutes) for maximum disinfection protection.

Fogging vs. Spraying

The effectiveness of applying powerful HOCl disinfectant solutions, in varying strengths and concentrations, can vary based on the method used. Unlike harsh chemicals and bleach, HOCl liquids can be safely introduced airborne with little or no PPE (personal protective equipment, such as eye coverings, masks, gloves, skin coverings and respirators).

Fogging can have the benefit of covering larger areas with a “dry” mist, allowing tiny droplets to reach even the smallest out-of-the-way places directly. Fogging is subject to gravity and therefore, does not cling to all surfaces. The benefit of fogging is its relatively dry application on and around sensitive surfaces such as high-tech equipment, and its minimal use of solutions. The key difference between fogging and spraying is a product of molecular behavior.

Spraying can actually cover more surfaces in a given space. Using the proper electrostatic spray equipment that retains a small droplet size (from 5 to 100 microns), spraying can deliver a disinfectant mist that will cling to almost any hard surface, on, around and even under objects. The added time a spray might take to dry actually improves the degree of disinfection, and does not leave a residue. Nor do HOCl liquids corrode surfaces and electronics. HOCl in the proper pH should be allowed to remain on a surface for at least 10 minutes for maximum microbial kill time.

Our hand-held foggers and electrostatic sprayers allow a person to “sweep” high-touch points, well-used spaces or equipment between uses. Our cordless electrostatic sprayers can cover up to 1,500 sq. ft. in roughly 3-5 minutes. On the smaller side, our affordable Cloudburst® Hand-pump Foggers are excellent for very small areas that require constant dusting to keep pathogens away throughout the day.

Our cordless backpack (electrostatic) sprayers can be very useful when applying disinfectant to larger areas or complex surfaces in a similar, sweeping fashion. The weight of larger reservoirs available in such spray equipment can be more easily borne in a backpack configuration.

Foggers and (electrostatic) sprayers on carts with casters allow the user to position a spray head easily for the right coverage angle, then set a timer and disinfect an entire room without being present. Carts can also have even larger reservoirs as weight is not a significant issue.

While it is recommended that users wear masks, gloves and eye protection while spraying or fogging HOCl solutions (as recommended by the EPA), there is no danger in human contact. HOCl is actually good for hair and skin, well known for more than a century as beneficial in wound healing. By contrast, bleaches and chemicals used in the same way require the user to exercise extreme caution to avoid human contact from the toxic and therefore hazardous emissions, and should not be used near sensitive equipment, pets or plants.

Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Dental Practices

Recent Health Alerts and Warnings

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is raising a red flag that potentially deadly bacteria may be lurking in your doctor’s office or dental practice. The bacteria, C. difficile, is typically found in hospitals, but a recent study reports a substantial number of people contracted the bug who hadn’t been in a hospital, but had recently visited the doctor or dentist.

The bacteria can cause deadly diarrhea, according to the CDC, with infections on the rise. The new report shows nearly half a million Americans infected in various locations in one year, with 15,000 deaths directly attributed to C. diff.

Key Areas of Application

  • Door Handles
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Coat and Magazine
  • Waiting Rooms and Furniture
  • Reception Counter
  • Light Switches
  • Telephones, TVs and
    Electronic Devices
  • Computers and Keyboards
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Patient Encounter Rooms
  • Exam Tables
  • Dental Chairs and Headrests
  • Instrument Trays
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Wast Bins
  • Floor Mats
  • Restrooms

Nursing Homes & Extended Living Facilities

Perhaps the most dangerous environments for the spread of the COVID-19 virus is in nursing homes, hospice care centers and extended living facilities, not just in the United States, but throughout the world.

These homes place residents and staff in close proximity at all times, well inside of safe distances to avoid the spread of pathogens, with high-occupancy communal spaces and dining areas. Also, because many residents are not ambulatory or require assistance to get around, these seniors can’t be evacuated or moved easily in the event of a viral diagnosis. And the elderly are at particular risk. Viruses such as COVID-19, influenza and many harmful, infectious strains of bacteria can be fatal, and the spread of anything contagious happens like wildfire.

To keep these facilities safe, they need to be cleaned quickly and constantly. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Anolyte is the perfect solution for eldercare facilities because it can be distributed rapidly via airborne means by fewer staff and cleaning personnel. Hand sanitizers can be placed throughout the facility for staff and guests. pH balanced hand lotions, facial washes and body lotions are also available.

Offices and Retail Spaces

  • Boardrooms
  • Desks
  • Workstations
  • Cubicles
  • Reception Areas
  • Office Furniture
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Copy and Fax Machines
  • Kitchens
  • Telephones, TVs and
    Electronic Devices
  • Computers and Keyboards
  • Wast Baskets
  • Restrooms

Gaming / Hotel / Hospitality / Restaurants

Today’s casinos can cover hundreds of thousands of square feet filled with thousands of players and employees at all hours of the day and night. Every surface is touched from handrails to slot machines; even playing cards. Social distancing is virtually impossible. Restaurants, bars, room service and meeting rooms serve thousands of meals and drinks daily. Adjoining hotels often have more than 5,000 rooms and suites just on one property that need to be cleaned and disinfected daily.

Hotel/casinos bring guests in from all over the world. What they bring with them today could kill. Emerging from the coronavirus pandemic can be especially challenging for these types of properties, particularly in cities such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau with hundreds of similar spaces catering to the entertainment of millions of people and the employees who serve the industry.

Nightly shows and theaters are also close-proximity spaces where dangerous pathogens can spread, along with promenades and busy retail centers virtually every major hotel and casino now feature.

We have developed teams who specialize in servicing this particular industry. The supply needs include sprays, liquids, sanitizers, lotions and handheld ULV foggers on every room housekeeping and cleaning cart. We also supply large generators in warehouse areas to allow large properties to create their own HOCl solutions on site to be used throughout the property continually 24/7, and the support personnel to keep equipment and supplies maintained at all times, with training support for property cleaning crews.

LAS VEGAS NV USA - JULY 13 2013: People checking in at The Venetian Grand Casino Hotel.
LAS VEGAS, NV - OCT 28: The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, as seen on Oct 28, 2015. It was opened in 1999 and has over 4,000 hotel rooms available for guests.

Imagine walking in to a vestibule with a gentle, refreshing, odorless mist in the air that is actually disinfecting your clothes and skin safely and effectively every time you enter or leave. We have customized solutions for large casino floors and meeting venues to introduce HOCl through misters and HVAC humidifiers without guests noticing.

Our generators can also create cleaning and degreasing solutions perfect for food preparation areas and seating areas in restaurants.


In the past, room cleaning was time consuming, requiring multiple crews per floor to complete daily. With new sanitation policies in place, it promises to be even more challenging. Cleaning times can be reduced by keeping a corded, handheld fogger on every housekeeping cart to completely sanitize any standard room and bathroom in minutes, leaving only high-touch and polished areas to be individually wiped, with far more sterile results.

The savings in the reduction of chemical cleaning liquids, the storage space these containers occupy and the added personnel needed for mopping and scrubbing can save a medium sized hotel/casino hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The marketing and PR benefits are endless, and include room brochures, plaques and door emblems letting guests know the premises are protected for their safety with an all-natural, EPA approved, environmentally friendly technology that is 100x more powerful than bleaches or chemicals.

Sports Venues & Concert Halls

Any commercial venue where thousands of people can be crammed into small seats with little room to breathe for several hours will find it challenging to reemerge from the COVID-19 pandemic without risking serious consequences.

Many have vowed to reopen only when a vaccine or cure is readily available and for good reason, cancelling entire sports seasons at a cost of billions. Even with mandatory masks, unless safe social distancing can be practiced, the attending public is still at risk in a venue filled to one-third capacity.

But we must face facts. The virus will linger, possibly endangering thousands of lives in just one sporting event or concert well into the coming year. All it takes is just one person infected to deliver it to hundreds touching surfaces and breathing the same air. Anyone at risk or without immunity will be exposed.

Electrolyzed Water HOCl delivered to a large venue is not just possible, it should become the new norm. No toxic chemical or bleach could ever be introduced airborne inside a venue within days of human presence. Because it is safe on or around humans and virtually undetectable, Hypochlorous Acid is the only method such large venues can be continually disinfected for the safety of players as well as fans. It may be the only way such a facility can come back with any confidence in its cleanliness.

Large generators can be installed on-premises to create pH balanced disinfectant HOCl solution with little expense.

In Dubai, UAE over the past few months, the government has used the power of HOCl to disinfect people entering and leaving buildings with excellent results. Small construction tents have been set-up at building entrances all throughout the city delivering disinfecting mists to patrons as they come and go, ensuring everyone in the building is essentially pathogen-free.

Once inside, with everyone still wearing masks or facial covers, the chances of contamination and infection are greatly reduced if not virtually eliminated in large, crowded venues.

Hockey arenas and concert halls using the power of HOCl may be the first to reemerge from the quarantine. Many new arenas and concert venues in major cities have fogging systems, mainly for aesthetics, that can be used to introduce HOCl into every nonporous surface of the venue before, during and after an event.


  • Airlines
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Taxis
  • Shuttles
  • Uber / Lyft

The safety of long distance travel is in serious question. In the month of April, 2020, dozens of flight attendants have reported positive with coronavirus, with hundreds more suspected now that greater efforts at testing are being employed. Travelers have cancelled trips until these industries devise a plan to ensure passenger and crew safety. Many are implementing the standard CDC guidelines for cleanliness, but most travelers are not yet convinced it is safe to travel.

With the advanced coverage capabilities of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) with area foggers and sprays, large passenger seating areas, cabins and cockpits can be disinfected in minutes between boarding and disembarking.

Instead of large crews wiping down every surface, small crews can sweep the aisles with handheld foggers disinfecting every seat and surface in a fraction of the time, with fewer crew members needed to only wipe down high-touch points with liquid HOCl disinfectant. It will not only promote passenger safety, it can help to keep scheduled transportation departing and arriving on time.

Fitness Centers

For years, most gyms and fitness centers have utilized antibacterial wipes to encourage patrons to wipe down equipment between uses as a method for reducing the presence of microbials. With the heightened awareness of the recent pandemic, gyms that plan to reopen must do even more to protect club members and trainers.

Today’s fitness facilities can occupy tens of thousands of square feet to accommodate more than 1,000 customers at any one time. Humans can be present at all times of the day or night, requiring 24/7 cleaning crews to continually sanitize equipment, weights, accessories, mats, floors, bathrooms and shower areas just to keep customers safe from the spread of harmful pathogens.

Room cart foggers and hand-held ULV foggers can be used to sweep large areas such as a weight room or movement studio between uses. Wall mounted hand sanitizers as well as gentle cleansing body, hands and facial washes together with Catholyte cleaners and degreasers in spray bottles with convenient refills can be located throughout public areas and restrooms.

Schools and Daycare

According to HealthDay, “Germs that cause common illnesses, including ear infections and strep throat, can linger on surfaces such as cribs, children’s toys and books for hours after contamination — even after the objects are well cleaned- according to a small new study.

“Researchers suggested that additional steps may need to be taken to protect children and adults from Streptococcus pneumoniae and Streptococcus pyogenes, particularly in schools, daycare centers and hospitals.”

Only the power and safety of all-natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Anolyte can empower educators, janitors and teachers to keep children, students and faculty out of harm’s way. Foggers can be used to clean a library or toy room in minutes vs. hours of scrubbing by hand.

Even keeping a spray bottle of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) in a desk drawer or at home to spray in a child’s crib can protect children from dangerous bacteria and germs in their early stages of development and growth.


Certification Program

For businesses and public institutions that have gone the extra mile to clean, sanitize and disinfect their premises, public awareness can be a valuable asset. Letting your customers and staff know the degree of extra protection your entity has employed for their health and safety can be beneficial to them, and to you.

Our Certified PureFect® disinfection program allows Focus Treatment Solutions to certify that an entity has employed the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization that exceed CDC guidelines. These standards include, at minimum:

• The use of only environmentally-friendly anti-bacterial cleaning products with pH-balanced Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) as the primary active ingredient;

• Routinely wiping down all high-touch surfaces after human contact pursuant to CDC guidelines*, followed by fogging or electrostatic spraying HOCl (at 50 ppm to 200 ppm) on hard, contactable surfaces in all occupied areas;

• Making available, free and easy access to hand sanitizers made with minimum 60% alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or similar sterile solution, for staff, delivery personnel and public at all times;

• Requiring staff to wear approved facial coverings, as well as facial shields and gloves when in direct contact with customers or patients; and

• Requiring public to wear facial coverings, following staff directions by maintaining safe social distances between themselves and others at all times while on the premises, without exception, as well as using hand sanitizers during their visit.

Certification is good for one year. Customers of Focus Treatment Solutions that have purchased (or leased) application equipment and a minimum 180-day supply of HOCl disinfectant solutions can become certified free of charge (depending on location, travel expenses may apply). Non-customers may also apply for certification for a minimum fee of $2,500 plus travel expenses (additional charges may apply for spaces larger than 5,000 sq. ft.). If, during a given year of certification, an entity does not maintain program protocols for sanitization and disinfection, they may lose their certification.

Certification recipients receive added benefits. We provide signage (decals) for entrances, as well as one (1) plaque to be displayed inside the premises, with our symbol which states “These Premises Certified PureFect® Clean Disinfected” free of charge.

Certification also includes an initial supply of (500) customized trifold brochures for customers and patients, along with a clear acrylic counter display. Like the symbol itself, this elegant brochure is designed to alert your customers, patients and staff members of the degree of cleanliness your entity is maintaining for their health and safety, in great detail. Simply put, seeing the symbol as well as reading your brochures, allows everyone to feel confident you have reopened your doors with extreme care.

Note: additional brochures can be made available in quantities of 500 and 1,000 ($149.95 and $199.95 respectively; plus taxes and shipping).

Contact Focus Treatment Solutions today to find out more about the process of PureFect® Certification.

Help Your Residents, Staff, and Family Feel Safe. Get a Disinfection Certificate from Focus Treatment Solutions.

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