Dispenser DP 30

Tumescence pump, Dispenser DP 30

The Dispenser DP 30 is a specifically for varicose vein treatment designed tumescence infiltration pump, delivering precisly tumescence liquid with an optimal adjusted pressure.

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Easy handling with low maintenance effort
  • Continuously variable and precise adjustable infiltration performance
  • Delivery of tumescence liquid of up to 12.5 liters per hour
  • Available with Vario pedal or on/off pedal
  • Easy cleaning of the device due to smooth-edged design

Technical Data, Dispenser DP 30

TypeDispenser DP 30
Mains voltage100/115/230 Volt at 50-60 Hz
Max. output power40 VA
Coolant flow rate1-12.5 l/h (208 ml/min)
Pressure2.0 bar
Width/depth/height260/250/110 mm
Weight, control unit2.5 kg