Can we take control of our lives yet? It seems vaccines, boosters, and masks are not enough. Only through innovation can we minimize our risk and create the safest space possible. Learn how to protect yourself from another future health crisis with ActivePure Technology.  

Activepure Technology and the Path Forward 

ActivePure is an exclusive environmental technology that can eliminate contamination from everyday indoor air and surfaces. Traditional passive technologies such as HEPA use filtration or electrostatic systems to remove contaminants only if and when they travel through the purification unit. These devices do not adequately reduce airborne contaminants and do not reduce surface contamination. ActivePure eliminates both on contact.

In a recent article, Real Clear Health recognizes ActivePure Technology for best-in-class innovation.

Certified Space Age technology

Looking backward is never the answer; groundbreaking ActivePure Technology is! ActivePure is a leading preventative measure for everyday germs. Our devices make indoor spaces safer by reducing viruses, bacteria, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not only is ActivePure cleared by the FDA, but developed by a prestigious NASA Space Program. Customers can live in a safe space anytime, anywhere. 

Set It and Forget It!

After 3 minutes, all airborne pathogens (including Covid-19) are eliminated in the designated space of the device. After 7 hours, all surfaces are pathogen-free.

Simply plug in the device for the appropriate space based on square footage. It can operate safely in occupied areas and prevents recontamination in real-time. ActivePure is like having a personal PPE shield around your body.

For over 2+ years, protocols have changed, but ActivePure Technology continues to resolve the following (excluding the cleansing of soiled countertops): 

  • Wiping down all packages (including food) before entering the home
  • Wiping down all surfaces with a powerful disinfectant
  • Spraying all surfaces in communal areas with a disinfectant spray
  • The use of high-powered or electrostatic sprayers in institutions or on commercial sites 

Explore Advanced ActivePure Technologies 

Focus Treatment Solutions offers Proactive Pathogen Elimination systems for any indoor space. 

Protect yourself with one of the most potent surface and air purification technologies. View our video for an informative overview here

Take Control of Your Life 

It’s time to relax and get back to living a normal life. ActivePure Technology is here to provide the safest space possible, with or without a mask. Contact us at 888-200-7380 and schedule an evaluation by a local Focus Treatment Solutions representative to get started today.