MedVibe Nitrofit Deluxe Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a well researched technology that is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of fitness and wellness applications. WBV platforms have the ability to send vibrations throughout the body that cause muscles to contract, thus creating resistance while burning calories (and fat), similar to traditional exercise. Used for years in physical therapy applications, WBV technology is fast becoming mainstream, now used more and more by people from the severely obese to professional athletes for a variety of different reasons. It continues to sweep the nation, and the world, as a ground-breaking innovation in exercise technology.

Initial studies on WBV were conducted in Russia in the 1960’s. Scientists were initially using it to help train the country’s athletes. The success of WBV soon led the way to research aimed at combating muscular atrophy in astronauts while living in the zero gravity of space. Since that time, a number of other respected studies have confirmed at least some of the findings– the technology works, though such studies continue to explore the how and why, along with a growing list of ancillary benefits.


One of North America’s most popular whole body vibration machines, the new and improved Nitrofit Personal + model combines proven technology with award winning design. Now with a larger motor, increased power, robust display settings and additional accessories, the Nitrofit Personal + offers even more value than ever before. Its practical size, adjustable speed settings, and durable build quality make the Nitrofit Personal + the perfect whole body vibration machine for virtually any home user. Simply adjust the machine’s speed (frequency), position (amplitude) and time to utilize its rehabilitation, exercise and massage functions. Follow the exercises on the included poster for a fast and effective work out. Add in the included adjustable exercise cables to sculpt your upper body and intensify your training. Step foot on a Nitrofit today and feel the difference!


America’s leading professional grade vibration platform, priced at the level of a high-end treadmill, the Nitrofit Deluxe Plus utilizes the proven design of our popular Nitrofit Deluxe and now has more power, a bigger motor and a host of easy to use display settings. Years of use by world class athletes, medical professionals and businesses have confirmed that the Nitrofit Deluxe is an effective whole body vibration machine. Its oversized platform and stable base design make Nitrofit Deluxe Plus the perfect addition to your home, office, chiropractic clinic, day spa, personal training studio or physical therapy center. You can see results in as little as ten minutes three times a week. Feel the difference as you discover a stronger, fitter, and more flexible you!

The Nitrofit platform features “Pivotal” vibration which oscillates up and down from side to side, unlike competing devices which offer a Linear platform that simply moves up and down. Evolving from decades of research, Pivotal vibration has been used to provide balance training, muscle rehabilitation, muscle development and massage with outstanding results. These vital functions have made Pivotal WBV machines an important training tool that are continually used by Olympic athletes, professional sports teams, university research departments, medical research facilities, and developmental disease centers treating ailments such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease. People in the market for a WBV machine are encouraged to try both platform types to determine the best device to achieve their personal fitness goals. Those who take the time to do the research often find Pivotal platforms such as the Nitrofit Deluxe help engage more core muscle groups; not feeling the same engagement on competing Linear platforms.

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