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The Meridian Digital Pulse Analyzer (DPA) Lapex


Healthy arteries are flexible and elastic– unhealthy arteries are often stiff or hard and cannot expand–which places extra strain on the heart to pump blood throughout the rest of the body.

The Digital Pulse Analyzer uses non-invasive, pulse wave technology to look at arterial elasticity which is an important preventive measure in overall cardiovascular health.

The DPA collects and presents data on arterial wall stiffness and determines the biological age of arteries in less than three minutes. The DPA also comes with Heart Rate Variability software that analyzes imperceptible changes in the heart rate waveforms. Low HRV has been linked to higher mortality rates in both healthy and unhealthy patients, thus it can be a strong predicator of mortality due to cardiovascular and other overall health issues.

Files are stored digitally and EMR compatible, with 2nd generation software that enables unlimited digital data storage and transfer. There are no limits to the number of characters, nor the amount of data that can be stored in a patient's


The DPA can help caregivers reduce cardiovascular disease in their patient populations through early detection and prevention. The DPA can also monitor the effectiveness of treatment modalities- whether they are lifestyle changes such as exercise supplementation or pharmaceutical medications. If a particular treatment is effective, you’ll see an improvement in the DPA test.

• The DPA is FDA 510 (K) cleared and Health Canada approved.
• It is Non-Invasive meaning there is no blood and no pain
• The DPA takes a snapshot of the elasticity of your arteries
• The printout has information on:
spacer- Heart rate
spacer- Artery flexibility
spacer- Left Ventricle Ejection Level
spacer- Hydration levels
spacer- Peripheral Circulatory Disturbance
spacer- Overall cardiovascular health








The DPA uses infrared light sent to the fingertip and obtains pulse wave information with the light absorbing characteristics of Hemoglobin (the HbO2 of arterial blood). The medical terminology for this measurement method is Plethysmogram (PTG).

Our belief is that the use of the DPA can help caregivers reduce cardiovascular disease in their patient populations through early detection and prevention, and ultimately assist to decrease the associated financial costs placed on the health care industry. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer for both men & women in the United States with an estimated economic cost of over $300 billion.

The DPA provides information on arterial wall stiffness and determines the biological age of arteries in less than 3 minutes. This FDA approved, user-friendly, non-invasive device uses a finger probe to observe the changes in pressure, blood flow, velocity and profile throughout the whole pulse wave.

Aging and disease states associated with an increase in cardiovascular events alter the physical characteristics of blood vessel walls and impair the pulsatile function of arteries.

The pulsatile flow is defined (http://www.rwc.uc.edu/koehler/biophys/3d.html) as that portion of the cardiac cycle controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System which is the part of the nervous system that does not require the brain’s involvement in order to function.

Impaired pulsatile function of arteries provides important predictive and therapeutic information beyond that provided by traditional blood pressure measurements.

Accelerated Plethysmogram (APG) Waveform - The second derivative of PTG - an excellent method to evaluate the biological age of arteries.

Measurements With The DPA

• Pulse Rate
• Ejection time (Etc)
• Pulse Height (PH) - Pulse amplitude
• Ejection Elastic Index (EEI)-- indicator of Left Ventricle ejection and elasticity of large arteries
• Dicrotic Dilation Index (DDI)- indicator of small artery compliance
• Dicrotic Elastic Index (DEI) - peripheral vessel elasticity (arterioles to veins)
• Software program to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
• Software program will store all client information

DPA Advantages

• Early detection of arterial wall elasticity and determination of biological arterial age in less than 3 minutes
• Software program tests Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in 5 minutes
• Monitors effectiveness of therapeutic intervention
• Monitors arterial wall response to lifestyles changes / reduction of cardiovascular risk factors
• Non-invasive - uses a LED/Photodiode finger probe sensor.
• The device is FDA approved
• Lightweight and portable (12 lbs)
• User friendly
• Can be used alone (thermal printer) or interfaced with computer for storage of information
• Color printout data sheet when interfaced with user's computer/printer
• Affordable
• Revenue generator

A Powerful New Tool for Health Care Professionals

As a health care professional using the DPA, you have a powerful new tool and advanced technology providing you with cardiovascular parameters specific to the health of arteries. In minutes, an easy-to-understand printout is available for identifying cardiovascular disease risk in your clients.

This non-invasive system is capable of measuring arterial compliance. The DPA®'s sensitivity to early arterial changes builds highly detailed data for assessment in determining whether clients have potential underlying vascular disease, as well as developing an outline for the practitioner of the potential effects of client-specific risk factors.

The DPA was developed specifically for use in mobile events, clinics and tradeshow events and can easily and successfully become an important tool in your current client recruitment & retention process.

Advanced Technology Arrives In Your Practice

The DPA device measures a pulse waveform produced by the beating heart. Data captured by the DPA® during a client test is analyzed and reported in just minutes to provide a clear, concise evaluation tool for health care professionals.

Arterial stiffness indices are particularly important in identifying individuals who exhibit the development of vascular disease, and enables the healthcare professional to begin appropriate treatment long before the symptoms or clinical signs appear. The DPA has many applications including:

• Hypertension
• Borderline Hypertension
• Hyperlipidemial
• Endothelial Function

Getting started: Simple, quick and painless for practitioner and client Your practice already has everything you need to begin using the DPA today, and your clients comfort and ease during the test is assured.

To begin the test, the appropriate client-specific data is collected through a series of questions. As your patient rests comfortably, an arterial finger pulse sensor is placed on the left finger. The instrument's monitor displays the waveform as it is sensed. Once data is collected and analyzed, you simply print the DPA Report.

The DPA is a portable and easy-to-use "plug and play" system that requires no additional accessories or disposable components.
Enjoy the following benefits:

• Minimal capital outlay
• Low monthly payments
• Per-patient-test revenue

Reference Ranges

The reference ranges are based on a comparable set of values obtained from similar healthy subjects. It is possible that an abnormal value may be normal for you but they should be discussed with your physician as only they are qualified to make a determination as to the significance and/or make a diagnosis.


One purpose of this screening is to prevent disease before symptoms occur. In those instances where symptoms have developed, laboratory tests results help confirm that a problem does exist. But a normal test result is just as significant as an abnormal result. A normal result does not mean that a test was unnecessary. When a result is normal, it not only helps rule out disease, but is also establishes a baseline "normal". A person's own result is the best baseline for monitoring any change that takes place in the future.

Cardiovascular disease continues to be the number one killer for both men & women throughout North America. Meridian believes that the use of the DPA can help reduce cardiovascular disease through early detection and prevention, save lives, and ultimately decrease the financial costs placed on the health care industry, as well as the stress to patients, family and friends.

WE ALL KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS AT RISK OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. Almost everyone in this country knows about heart disease. They know the importance of prevention, detection, and treatment and the huge impact it has on people's health. But they know very little about vascular disease outside the heart.

Early Detection is Vital

In most cases, with early detection, vascular disease can be treated effectively. The DPA test is a simple screening test that may detect these potential problems, all of which are non-invasive and painless. The beauty of the screening is that it is very simple. The tests do not produce any risk or discomfort for clients, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

The DPA is FDA 510 (K) cleared and Health Canada approved.

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